Knowledge for the World of Tomorrow!

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The world of tomorrow is not a world molded as hitherto by human sell-will, but a world which must adjust to the Will of God if it does not wish to perish. God has anchored His Will in His Laws, which permeate Creation, to which also belongs the World of Matter in which we live.

Every man of goodwill has the ability to learn to understand Creation and its Laws.

For this understanding of Creation a new, comprehensive and complete knowledge is necessary; for how little does man yet know of the working of these Laws of Creation, although he is dependent on them and must accept their effects at every moment.

In this book important happenings and processes, hitherto partly concealed from men, are explained in the sense of this knowledge of Creation, in order to show how the new knowledge is to be applied for the world of tomorrow.
The explanations contain repeated references to the Revelation of John, because we are in the midst of the fulfillment of one of its most important phases. In this connection keys to the interpretations of his metaphorical language are given.

I hope many earnestly -seeking people will find in this book that which will induce them to refect, and be o help to them in their search for the Truth.

Vomperberg, Tyrol, April 1974
Herbert Vollmann

ISBN 978-3-87860-074-9
Forfatter Herbert Vollmann
Dimensioner 11.5 x 18 cm
Format Paperback
Sprog English
Leveringstid DE: 1-3 arbejdsdage, andre lande: 5-30 hverdage